Sword Coast Legends

#ODGames – Sadly another could have been a great RPG but they dropped the ball with the following:

  1. Calling it Dungeons and Dragons then offering a WOW skill system with cool downs
  2. Generic NPC’s, Adventures and basically quest hubs
  3. Bad AI, most battles even on hard levels are a breeze for anyone that has a decent idea of tactics
  4. Party Members often forget to help out. They just sit at meat shields or not stepping out the fire/acid/posion
  5. DM mode so much hype for less than what Neverwinter Nights had as a module editor almost a decade ago (actually longer, NWN came out in 2002).
  6. Having to exit to main menu at times to reload a save game.

Game Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByNCxY3QDag


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