Windows 10 – The used car salesman you never knew

#Windows10, #Microsoft, #OS – Tried Windows 10 today. Windows 10 is like a used car salesman they want to know everything about you. Want to know who all your friends are. Tries to sell you thinks you don’t need and if you say no puts them on your car anyhow and tells you you need it. Wants to know what you are doing and then tells you its a good thing to let Mr. Windows 10 give your and your friends contact information to his brother, cousin, uncle and weird aunt with all the cats.

In short thank you Microsoft for totally convincing me to stay with Windows 7 until I can migrate to Linux like I already have done on my other computer.

Update – Luckily downgrading to Windows 7 is painless. However the catch is you only have a month to be able to do it.



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