More ponderings on HB-2 aka Anti-Trans Bathroom Law – #‎WeAreNotThis‬ , #JustSaying

Been thinking about the new bathroom law. While watching Showtime’s 7 Deadly Sins and they where talking about companies that make very detail female suits, I would assume their are companies that make very detailed male suits. So knowing that I know people that can pass for female and male but are really the opposite sex. How are they going to tell who is who for enforcement of the law. In case you doubt me and trust me the site is NSFW here is the site of one of the companies – Also the link to 7 Deadly Sins so far a interesting series –

Also I be real curious to know how your run of the mill transgenders think about this since in my very un-expert opinion I can imagine them going into the bathroom of the sex they identify with but not with the biological organs of that sex. That it must be a fearful experience since even dressed as that sex the overriding thought is someone is going to find out.



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