Captain America Civil War – #Marvel, #TeamCap, #ODMovies

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Slight spoilers ahead

Capt America’s 3rd movie (frankly it feels like more a Avenger movie than a Capt America movie since all the Avengers except Thor and Hulk are present) comes out of the gate with the UN pushing back on the Avengers saving the world but causing lots of damage. So in typical government fashion they try to crack a walnut with a sledge hammer by having the Avengers under government control. Tony Stark is all for it having some doubts on being a loose cannon (he has his reasons but I won’t say). Good old Capt believes in freedom whatever the cost. Things go from slight fracture to full on split when Bucky gets back into the picture. In the process the new kids on the block show up Black Panther (can’t wait for his solo outing) and Spider Man. Also we find out the powers that be have also constructed a underwater enhanced human prison aka The Raft (kinda makes you wonder how long that had that built). As the pieces fall into place the major bad guy Zemo has a axe to grind with the Avengers and  has been stacking the deck for a while to cause the current condition of the Avengers. A little over halfway we get to have a Geekgasm over the fight between TeamCap and TeamIronman. This ends in more a less a draw since the major point was not to fight to the death but buy time for Capt and Bucky to go after Zemo. Capt and Bucky (and with some help from Falcon) Iron Man and Black Panther all come to the place where Zemo drops the final piece of his puzzle into place. What follows is the most intense hand to hand fight I have seen in years. In the end some team members are on the sidelines and the Civil War is more a Cold War with Capt gone from hero to wanted man aka sometimes you have to break the law to do the right thing. Lastly as with most Marvel flicks there are mid and post credit scenes. The mid credit scene on the surface is straight foward but it has a major impact on the way things may progress from here in the MCU. The post scene is part unless you purposely do not read any MCU news it will come as a supirse otherwise it confirms what you already know.


Two thumbs way up



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