A Question for Black Lives Matter – #BLM, #Question, #AlllLivesMatter

Please Note this is not meant to piss on the movement, but the question its direction and its focus.

If Black Lives Matter why are you not protesting all the black lives lost due to black on black murders, drug overdoses, health issues or simply blowing their brains out because they see no way out of the crushing hellhole other than drugs and gangs?  I don’t have the answers and I can’t stay I have walked a mile in your shoes. But I know of the problems that plague your hood just as much as any other low income area around. I know of the pain and hopelessness that be surrounded by such despair and carrying such a soul crushing weight feels like.

Remember we may be white, black, red, yellow or brown, the gods we worship are different even the way we look at life. But at the end of the day we all bleed red and we all die shitting our pants. Some of us are the problem but most of us can be the solution.


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