Requirement to Stand for the National Anthem – #anthem, #Kaepernick, #FreetoSpeak

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At first glance Mr. Kaepernick’s choice not to stand for the national anthem due to his stance against the racial issues going on in the US today sounds like disrespect. And for the record read all I have to say before turning on the flamethrowers and vitriol. I am proud of all the people that have died, are dying and will die for my freedoms. However the key words is FREEDOM. We are free to say what we think, to express ourselves in any manner with choose as long as it does not break any laws or violates anyone else’s freedoms. So if Kaepernick and others do not want to stand for the national anthem its their choice. It is a private expression (and if he and others where not major sport stars then we, the public, would probably have never heard of this) of their freedom that is caught on camera for public viewing and discourse.

Now if they had a public display of expressing such as flag burning or crapping on the flag then that would fall under the statement of not interfering with another’s expression of freedom.  Personally I dislike his not standing for thenational anthem, however I do respect his right not to stand for the national anthem.


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