To be a American – #History, #America, #Time4USv2

I said this years ago, and sadly its still as important to say today.

To be a American 

I am a descendant of those that  came from Europe on the Mayflower to settle Plymouth Rock. I also have Cherokee and Irish blood running thought my veins.

I do not stand here to give you flowery speeches or venomous rants about what we know is already wrong with this nation. I come to remind you of our history and who we are.
Look around you, the powers that be would have you say they are Democrat, they are Republican, those people are white, the ones of there black and the one in the back is Hispanic
I say SCREW THE BOXES, in my book there are only two types of people in the US, Americans and Not Americans. DO NOT let the class, race, political warfare split us we are AMERICAN and we are FREE

…For Now..

1st History lesson as others have spoke of, today we practice our 1st Amendment right, the right to assemble, the right to freedom of speech, the right to petition the government. How many more can you remember from you school day. I URGE everyone to purchase a pocket edition of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Don’t just buy it and toss it to the side READ IT, UNDERSTAND IT, TEACH OTHERS.

2nd lesson, Remember the Roman Empire it once spanned from Ireland to Asia it was the greatest empire the world had every known. WHERE IS IT NOW.. Corruption and Endless Wars caused it to fall in on itself. ALL THAT IS LEFT IS RUINS

What about England, it was said the sun never sets on the British Isles, WHERE IS IT NOW. Corruption, a entitlement society, Endless Wars.. WHERE IS IT NOW.. Crumbling, nothing but a land of 4pm tea and funny ways

Those that fail to learn about history are doomed to repeat it. The USA a great and mighty empire. ENDLESSS WARS check, CORRUPTION check, a ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY check.. WHERE WILL WE BE…

Last lesson
Our forefathers committed TREASON in signing the Declaration of Independence. The most seriously crime one can ever commit. They signed their death warrants that day, many did end up in the hangmen’s noose
As Thomas Jefferson said…he price of freedom is eternal vigilance and sadly you, me and most of America has fallen asleep at the wheel
What do you do when you fall asleep at the wheel of a car



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