My predictions for 2025 – #JustSaying, #Predictions, #FutureisNow

– Chelsa Clinton will do what her mom could not and become president.
– Voice Commands will be common place
– Desktop Computing will be the realm of developers and hard core gamers, the rest will game on talets and smartphons
– The laptop as we know it will be all but gone
– Very few games will not feature VR, most will require it
– Sony and Microsoft will merge to produce one console that will be the media and gaming hub.
– Joysticks will be replaced by motion gloves and voice commands
– Smartphones will be your wallet with your ID, credit cards and medical information
– The US will split into serval nations that form a commonwealth much like the EU
– The EU will be one nation
– Russia, China and India will be the new superpowers
– 3D printers will be in almost every household and 3d printer cafe’s will be commonplace
– Almost all shopping will be done online, stores will be mostly for display or trying on clothes before buying online
– Vritual Assiasnts will be part of everyday life
– A majority of the trucks will run on biodiesal


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