No Man’s Sky – #ODGames, #NoMansSky, #PCGame

No Man’s Sky was a game filled with overhyped gameplay and expections. Does that mean its a bad game. Yes and No

No Man’s Sky (NMS) succeeds in creating the environment of a explorer in the vast reaches of space. The joy of discovery, of repairing your ship to take to the stars and then to upgrade your ship to go to other worlds faster and better than before. The progression from surival to exploration to mastery of the stars.

However it fails on some basic design flaws:

* Why does almost every trader, explorer and random alien you meet look and sound almost the same.

* Why do you have to discover all the elements or basic designs. Any high school student can name a fair amount of the perodic table. So why can’t the scanner in the game identify basic elements.

* After your first couple of dozen worlds, you realize how much sameness the NMS has.

* Do you really need 16 quintillion planets to explore when creating a slice of the universe with a few hundred worlds would occupy one’s time for a while. And one could put more resources into creating more engaging worlds than alot that look like rehashes of the one’s you have already seen.

* Random starting points are okay, but aleast make the starting world a little more newbie friendly. The first two times I started a new game I started on a radioactive planet with little oxygen.

* Why can’t my ship scanners locate elements and plot them out for me, why must I hack relays to get the knowledge that should come from a decent onboard computer.

* No Autopliot or Fast Travel

* No real focus or compelling reason to get to the center of the galaxy. If you want to put that as the focus you could easily say humans just got FTL travel and you are one of many explorers to do the Star Trek thing aka Seek out and explore bold new worlds


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