To the Women Marching in DC – #TheResistance, #JustSaying, #WomenRights

To the people of the women’s march. Trump has said some crude things about women some in private some out loud. As a man I can tell you there are not many men alive that have not said the same or worse. Also I know for a fact that women are as bad if not worse than men.

I have a deep respect for standing up for your 1st admendment right. But instead of spending all this movement’s power on Trump lets focus on what truely is what needs to change about women’s rights:

1. Right to equal pay
2. Stronger protections by the law agianst abuse (example its a misdemeanor to beat a woman in NC, but a felony to steal pine straw)
3. More research for women’s health issues instead of more research for making our wankers harder longer

Lastly during your marching and protest take time to celabrate the fact that you have won the right to do so. In many places in the world, women are beaten and killed just for speaking in public or going into the wrong building. Some places a women’s life is less than livestock.


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