Trump 2020 Make America a Reality Show. – #Trump, #JustSaying, #ODJokes

Everything in America becomes a reality show. Go to work you have to face challenges, backstabbing co-workers, water cooler 100 meter dash and the printer jam tug a war. If you win you keep your job and at the end of the year the overall winner gets a 100K contacting gig working as a Trump Lackey
Your healthcare is a reality show. You have to interview 3 mystery doctors. One is a fake. Then you have to do jumping jacks while holding a donor heart. Don’t drop the heart or no medical treatment for you this year. Anyone reaching retirement age has to fight against everyone else in a no holds barred, razor blade and chitin cage match while doing karaoke the winner gets 250K to spend the rest of thier days at a Trump resort
Immigration is a reality show. Everyone wanting to immigrate has to run a gantlet of razor wire, gunfire, attack dogs, crooked businessmen and finally rocket fart over a 10 foot wall to get a green card. Las Vegas would make billions from the betting on this one
War would be a reality tv show where each nation picks a champion to power giant Kaiju robots the winner wins the conflict. Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer would disappear overnight to flock to watch this new sport.

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