Ghostbuster 2016 version – #Ghostbusters, #MyEyesareBurning, #ODMovies

Washing my eyes with bleach trying to unsee what I just watched. Here are my 15 reasons why this bombed worse that Waterworld   1. Too much reliant on fart and puke jokes 2. Follows the first movie too closerly 3. Other than Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones the rest look very uncomfortable in thier… Continue reading Ghostbuster 2016 version – #Ghostbusters, #MyEyesareBurning, #ODMovies

Captain America Civil War – #Marvel, #TeamCap, #ODMovies

IMDB Page – Slight spoilers ahead Capt America’s 3rd movie (frankly it feels like more a Avenger movie than a Capt America movie since all the Avengers except Thor and Hulk are present) comes out of the gate with the UN pushing back on the Avengers saving the world but causing lots of damage. So in… Continue reading Captain America Civil War – #Marvel, #TeamCap, #ODMovies